About American Center For Educational Development

From our earliest days, we have devoted ourselves to educational achievement. We have championed innovation, equity and excellence for thousands of students around the world. We aim to empower both educators and students. We are a strong presence in thousands of schools and communities around the world.  To learn more about who we are, we invite you to check out our Mission Statement and Vision.

Our work falls broadly into six categories:


  Standardized Test Preparation

  Curriculum Development

  English Training Courses

  Continuing Professional Development

  Educational Consulting




Over the years we have had the fortune of working with a wide variety of educators, organizations  and students.  

Educators come away from our TESOL and CPD courses more knowledgeable and adaptable in the classroom.  This provides value to further their careers, make them more valuable to their organizations, and, most importantly, empowers them more effectively to guide each of their students to reach their full potential.

Leaders of educational organizations generally approach us with one of the following three goals: 1) improving the ability level of their current teachers 2) improving the educational quality, profitability, or marketing potential of their organization, or 3) gaining the experience and knowledge necessary to found an educational organization of their own.  

In order to improve the ability level of an organization's teachers, we offer In-Class/Online Hybrid TESOL certification courses, CPD courses, and other, more specific training.  In order to improve the overall value of an educational organization, we often provide program evaluation, which can be performed on-site or remotely, depending on the client's needs.  Check out our Program Evaluation page for more informaiton.

Finally, students across the world are the recipients of our custom-designed curricula, including professional training and English training.  We've seen teenage students enroll in the foreign university of their choice, seen students' English communicative ability or test scores increase, and we've seen our CPD program recipients move forward in their careers.  Take a look at our TESOL, CPD, and English training pages for more information.

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