Student Records

Not only is it important to keep records of each trainees' initial language ability at the beginning of each course, but it is also essential to keep track of their progress throughout the class.  This is beneficial not only for the trainees, but also for trainers wanting to upgrade their lesson plans and/or diagnose problematic areas in the classroom.  Overall, trainees records are beneficial for both the short-term and long-term enrichment of any academic program.

For these reasons, we create portfolios for each of our trainees which include the following items:     

Initial Interview: notes that the trainer/interviewer take while first meeting the trainee.  We conduct this interview in order to diagnose strengths and weaknesses in each trainee's language ability.  We also do this in order to determine what is the best teaching strategy to employ in the classroom. 

Weekly Status Updates: short descriptions about the progress of each trainee.  These also include target key-points and lessons which need to be taught the following week, or any obstacles which require the attention of a teaching supervisor.

KWL Charts: recorded by each trainee before, during, and after each class.  These are used to engage trainees' prior knowledge, intrigue them about new material, and review and demonstrate what they have learned.

Assignments: daily homework, worksheets, and essays completed by trainees for the class.  These are posted in classrooms and used as assignments for other trainees, as well as being reported back to trainees.

Standardized test scores: for trainees studying for IELTS/TOEFL, AP/CLEP, SAT/ACT, etc, we record pre-course scores and post-course scores, in order to demonstrate the trainees' progress and ensure teaching quality.


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